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    Reputation Management

    Fortify your Online Credibility & Brand Name. Take a full access of your Brand Image.

    Not just Forbes, but many other well-known Publishers and Magazines across the world say that clean & credible online image of company is much needed in this digital era.
    Do you know how much impact one negative news can create? According to our research, one negative news can decrease upto 22% of your customer. If you are searching someone to fix
    your online reputation, Arjantech Solutions is the ultimate stop. We will build a Positive Digital Image.

    How Do We Do It?

    Reputation repairing is a strategic and contemplative process with the mixture of few key techniques, and the respective key words are determined by an analysis of your brand reviews and search results.

    Key Technique includes:

    • Negative contents are removed from source.
    • Negative contents are removed from search result.
    • Positive contents are added to source.
    • Changing the search results to maintain online emotionalism.
    • Bad results are pushed down in Google page.

    Why Online Reputation Management is not Optional but Mandatory?

    The statistics stated below will help you understand why ORM is compulsory for your business.

    • 1. Before making any online purchase decision, 85% people uses internet to check review.
    • 2. 87% people believe that company’s reputation is based on CEO’s reputation.
    • 3. People do check online reviews before purchasing and it gathers around 88% people.
    • 4. With the Scams and Negative News, about 83% of companies will be in risk.

    Why Choose Arjantech Solutions?

    We know the fact that Online Reputation Management plays a vital role in the growth of any online business whether it is big or small. Regardless of brand’s range, it is impossible to expect
    that a team can predict the reviews, brand references and social media without enrolling digital defense.

    It is always a company’s motto that their online presence is full of excellent reviews and comments, and obviously they should expect as they had worked a lot on it. But realistically, as
    the time flies, demotivating and negative reviews for your product and service will happen. Removing that negative and demotivating reviews and comments are the motto of Arjantech Solution’s Reputation Management team.

    Single star is far expensive then hundreds of dollars. Our online review management services include review monitoring, review removal, influencer targeting and more.

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