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    Mobile Responsive Design

    What is Mobile Responsive Design?

    When a website is receptive, the layout or content responds based on the size of the display they are presented on. A responsive design fits to the screen automatically you are watching on. Generally, there are four general sizes that responsive design has to be taken care of: the widescreen monitor desktop, the laptop, the mobile phones and the tablet.

    Why Mobile Responsive Design is needed?

    The usage of internet from mobile phones is high enough which cannot be neglected. In 2014, it was the first time the mobile internet users were more as compared to the desktop users. Website must support basic mobile devices that lack java script and mobile device detection are the two ways of deducing if
    certain HTML and CSS features are supported.

    • Key points of Mobile Responsive Design:
    • Dynamic content that changes.
    • Navigation is condensed.
    • Images are optimized.
    • Correct spacing and padding.
    • Compatible with mobile operating system.

    Difference between Mobile Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design.

    • A mobile friendly website is one that is created to work the exact same way across devices while a mobile responsive design responds according to the needs of users and the devices used.
    • In mobile friendly design, features like navigation, drop down are limited, as it get difficult to use on mobile, while in mobile responsive design the navigation is condensed and you get a greater experience of using it.
    • In Mobile Friendly Design the static content that doesn’t change, while in Mobile Responsive Design, dynamic contents change accordingly.
    • Mobile Friendly Design is not reliant to function properly on mobile operating system, while Mobile Responsive Design is more reliant to function on mobile
      operating system.
    Why Choose Us?

    Arjantech Solutions have highly professional team which works on Mobile Responsive Design and we are completely capable to give a fruitful task done in time with complete customer satisfaction. Our company assures you the best work with a pocket friendly price which makes us different from other companies.

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