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    First we take glance of LMS and who need to use it for their better productivity and then go through its
    attractive and very helpful features in this Blog. If you are looking for LMS development in Ontario
    Strength Infotech is the best place for you.
    What is LMS?
    Learning management system is the software applications in which WordPress plugins were use to
    create an online training program for an individual or a group of people.
    Who can increase their productivity with LMS?
    In this evolving World needs of continuous improvement and learning is becoming an essential part of
    life that leads to raise the demand of online course, training and development program, and distance
    learning programs. For that LMS is now necessary for any organisation which can be used in multiple
    programs and completion of company goals.
    LMS is mainly used by :
    1) Universities providing online and distance learning programs.
    2) Education platform providing e-learning course and classes.
    3) Large scale corporate companies providing online training program to their employees for more competency.
    Types of LMS available for you:
    In market numbers of plugins are available serving various functionality. For deployment there is
    different options available including cloud based platform and self hosted ones with different pricing.
    LMS freely available with basic features and upgrades with paid pro pack.
    Features of LMS:
    1) Continuous evaluation report: for any course it is must to be able to track, measure and
    analyse the performance and progress of your students and your program both. Which will
    helps you to provide report that does your plans are working or not and shows you an area of
    2) Responsive designs: user are now using multiple devices according to their convenience for that
    your LMS must be available in all devices. For that you can use different WordPress plugins. For
    best LMS responsive design contact Strength Infotech the best LMS service provider in
    3) Assessment: A course without assessment is something which is not acceptable you need to
    know that from course how much knowledge you students has received. For that various tools
    and ways were given in LMS which helps you to track your students progress.
    For any LMS development requirements Strength Infotech is there to work with you or you can hire
    dedicated LMS developers from them which is based in Ontario, Canada.

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